Find A Bull was created approximately fifteen years ago and was developed to help our Texas Angus Members market their bulls private treaty. It has been down for re-construction for over a year now but it 's back, bigger and better than ever. Sometimes the age and development of our bulls coincide with the Texas Angus Bull Sale opportunities and when they do, that's most likely where they go. Otherwise, we have top notch bulls that deserve timely consideration by other Breeders and Commercial Buyers. We expect our Find A Bull logo to become well-known as a reliable source of fine Angus Bulls when a Buyer needs an Angus Bull. For all of our Texas Angus Member Breeders, large or small, it promotes quality Angus Bulls 24 hours a day, seven days per week wherever a prospective Buyer may be located.
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Calving Ease (w/BW EPD Under 2.0: 12-18 Mos)
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